This is my webpage on cyberbullying.
Cyber bullying is a new way to bully. Cyber bullies use technology to bully people, and it can just as hurtful, or even more since it happens all the time, and the victim is never safe from the online abuse. Cyber bullying is a new phenomenon and it can be very dangerous to kids all over the world. On this web page you will find information about cyber bullying, stories about cyber bullying and ways to deal with cyber bullying.

Bullying is when one person, or a group of people, are mean to a person or group of people, making them feel unsafe.

Cyber bullying is when someone uses technology- the internet, cell phones, etc to harass, say mean things to, impersonate, stalk, degrade or many other hurtful things to a person.
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Cyber bullying statistics
Cyberbullying is a very serious epidemic. If you don't believe me, just look at this:
Did you know that 42% of kids have been bullied while online or that 1 in 4 students have had it happen more than once? Were you aware that half of students that are cyber bullied don't ever tell an adult? Or that following chatrooms, 49% of students are victimized via Instant Messaging and 28% from email?

Types of Cyber bullying

Cyberbullying is a very general term. There are very many different types of ways that people can cyber bully a victim, including:
Cyberstalking, Degradation, Harassment, Impersonation, Flaming, Text messaging bully, Password theft, Websites, Images, PC Attack, Proxy Attack


Just like there’s many different ways that a person can cyber bully, there’s many different technologies that bullies can use to cyberbully, including: Social networks (including Myspace and Facebook), Instant Messaging, Email, Photoshop, Blogs and a cell phone
Cyber bullying Stories

Cyber bullying Effects
Cyberbullying is very dangerous. It can be very hard for other people to know what is going on with the victim unless the victim tells someone. Cyberbullying differs from traditional bullying because it happens all the time, and causes “invisible wounds” for the victim. Victims can have many different reactions to being bullied, including: Suicide, cutting or self harm, depression or other stress related disorders, low self esteem or self worth, absents from school, decreased achievement in school, feelings including: anger, sadness, hurt, embarrassment and fright.

What you can do if you are being bullied

If you are being bullied, don’t just take it! Stand up for yourself. Some things you can do if you are being bullied include: Tell a trusted adult about what is happening- so they can do more to help you and resolve your problem, save the messages that the bullies sent, change your username and password, block the bullies, and look for information of who sent the messages if you are not sure.

How to Protect Yourself

There are many ways to protect yourself from being bullied online or by cell phone! Cyber bullying can be prevented! Ways to prevent cyber bullying are: to tell your friends not to cyber bully, block people you know are cyber bullies, and not give out personal information.


If you are being cyberbullied and need help, don't be embarrassed! If it wasn't a "good" thing to do, then there wouldn't be tons of organizations and hotlines available for people who are going though the same thing you are! The bullying can only stop if you tell someone and get help!

1-800-784-2433 (1-800-SUI-CIDE) [Only if you're suicidal from the bullying]
1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK) to talk to someone about the bullying
617-534-5050 (Boston Health hotline)
714- 639-8336 (Teenline Hotline)

Online Support

Just like on the phone, there's MANY different organizations that will be able to help you out during this time, when you're being cyberbullied!

Lesson Plans

If you're a teacher wanting to teach your students about bullying, then good for you! Or if you just want information on what you can do about it, then that's also good! The only way that this problem can decrease is if people and students are informed!

For Parents

Since cyberbullying effects so many kids, it's a great idea to be educated on the subject, since it's probable that your child will be cyberbullied or just regular bullied at least once.