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Putting Cyberbullying Out Of The World
Introduction: Hello, and welcome to the Anti-Cybullying webpage. This will show you the causes of cyberbullying, and how to evade it. Did you know that more than 70% of teenagers commit suicide due to cyberbullying? This webpage will show you the effects on it, and how it can be stopped.
Jeiquiel's Cyberbullying Survey

Bullying: Bullying is aggressive behavior that involves unwanted, negative actions. (Dan Olweus)
Cyberbullying: Cyberbully is when a child is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or targeted by another child using the Internet, mobile phone, or other type of digital technology.

Types of Cyberbuillying:
  • Degradation - This would be the use of rumors and unfounded gossip in an attempt to break up the friendships the victim might have with others or to damage the kid's reputation.

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  • Impersonation - The taking on of a false identity pretending to be the victim and send or posts material to damage the child's reputation or get them into trouble.

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  • Harassment - This is the constant and unrelenting sending of offensive, insulting, rude and harassing messages over the internet or cell phone to the Cyber Bullying Victim.

Flaming - This a very aggressive and abrasive form of intimidation used by the aggressor using vulgar and angry language with the intent to start fights with the teenager or preteen.
Text Messaging - This is where they enlists friends to help send thousands of messages to the victim's cell phone running up their phone bill and getting them into trouble with parents.

  • Desktop
  • Cellphone
  • Youtube Messages
  • Videogame Communication

Here are some dramatic stories about what people go through in this "torture on text."





There are many indivisuals around the world that are against cyberbullying. They take this seriuosly because either they have been effected by cyberbullying from an oppisite standpoint, or they have expirenced it themself as the victim. Here are links below for more info.



What to do when Cyberbullied?
If I were in the mix of cyberbullying as the victim, there would be many ways that I would handle it. For instance tell an adult, block, or never go further on the situation. Here are several links below for more.